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    The APR™ Assault Pistol Rifle is a revolutionary new firearm designed specifically for CQB and other typical close-range combat situations in which law enforcement and military personnel may become involved. This ultra-compact firearm combines the benefits of both the assault rifle and the pistol. The APR™ fires all types of 5.56mm ammunition using standard M4/M16 magazines. It may be manufactured to fire semi-auto or selective semi-auto / full auto. The folding stock of the APR™ enables rifle style shoulder firing. A quick detachment lever allows the user to remove the stock to enable handgun style firing – single or two-handed. The APR™ incorporates several new patented design innovations, notably in its gas system and recoil spring. The proprietary gas system allows the weapon to run cleaner and coolerfor superior reliability and handling.

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    1The upper and lower receivers of the Gilboa™ AR are fully machined from solid aircraft aluminum alloy billet (7075-T6) and then hard anodized to ensure a stronger, more durable firearm with no dimensional inconsistencies.
    2The Gilboa™ series is being produced by operators, for operators, so it comes fitted with ambidextrous selector, magazine release and charging handle as standard.
    3The flat top platform with standard size Picatinny rails enables mounting of various optics, lasers and other tactical accessories. The Gilboa™ firearms are compatible with US and NATO standard mounts and equipment.
    4We are ISO 9001:2008 certified for the development, design and manufacture of firearms. The Gilboa™ series firearms were tested using methods exceeding standard military testing methods. All of the parts are military standard compliant and undergo strict QA inspections.
    5The Gilboa™ family offers various models and configurations to best serve our clients. Our current range includes standard gas impingent systems; piston driven systems; sub-size weapons; semi-auto weapons and more.
    6The proprietary gas-piston system of the Gilboa™ series was developed especially to enable cleaner and cooler running of the firearm under extreme conditions.
    7The firearms in the Gilboa™ series are available in various calibers: 5.56x45mm; .223"; 7.62x39mm; 7.62x51mm; .308" and 9mm Para.
    Method of operationShort stroke piston
    Weight without magazine2.260 Kg
    Overall length (stock extended)628 mm
    Overall length (stock folded)378 mm
    Barrel length165 mm (6.5”)
    Bore characteristicsChrome lined 1:7 / 1:9 RH
    Firing modeFull auto or semi-auto available